Can My Child Below 18 Years Old Join Go Rewards?

Of course! there is no minimum age requirement. However, minors (those below 18 years of age) require the consent of their parent or guardian before they can become a member. The following steps must be completed for a minor to become a member:

  1. Enrollment via the mobile app or acquisition of a Go Rewards card is currently unavailable.
  2. The consent form is available for download right below this article.
  3. The parent/guardian needs to fill it out and submit it to Go Rewards Customer Care.
  4. Once processed, Go Rewards Customer Care will advise parent/guardian via email that the minor is successfully enrolled as a member of Go Rewards and the Go Rewards membership number will be provided to parent/guardian which must be linked to the Go Rewards mobile app.
  5. The minor must download the Go Rewards app and link the membership number received thru mail to the minor’s downloaded app. 

Enrollers under the age of 18 will not be able to proceed with their enrollment until such consent from the parent/guardian is given.

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