How Do I Link My Go Rewards Virtual Number or Card to the Mobile App?


Card linking is applicable if you are a new Go Rewards mobile app user but is already a member of Go Rewards, GetGo or was given a membership card thru any of our promos. 

1. Download the Go Rewards Mobile app - Available in the App Store, Google Play and Huawei App Gallery at no cost.

2. Once downloaded and installed, tap on “Register”


3. Select the “Link Card” button to proceed.


4. Enter your 10 or 16 digit card number and click "Confirm". You will not be able to proceed if you entered an incorrect value.



Linking by QR Code scanning of the Robinsons Rewards/ Go Rewards card:

  • The QR code for linking is found at the front side of the card, beside the card number:



  • On the Register section of the app, tap on the scan icon located beside the card number input field.


  • Permission to access the camera is required. You may check your mobile phone's settings to allow or, if you are prompted, choose "allow". Once the scan is successful, you will be directed to the Member Information page.


5. On the Member Information page, enter your last name and tap on "Confirm". This action will check for your existing account in our system. 

  • An error will occur if the card given to you is not yet registered or a different last name is recorded in the system. Please submit a ticket request so our Customer Care team can check your account.

6. If the account is existing, the mobile number and email address will be populated. You may update your contact details if necessary.

7. Read the program’s Terms & Condition and Privacy Policy. Tick the box to agree.

8. Tick "Yes" if you agree to receive program updates, promos and personalized offers.

9. Tap on the “Continue” button to proceed.

10. Done!


You will notice that the card number reflected in the card image is the same as the linked card. 

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