What is Go Rewards Pay?

Go Rewards Pay is the “Pay” feature found in the Go Rewards App. It refers to the platform which allows members to sign-up, register, view, and manage their Go Rewards Prepaid Card or Go Rewards Prepaid Virtual offered and issued by the UnionBank of the Philippines (“UnionBank”). UnionBank is a licensee of the platform’s customer-facing interface developed in the Go Rewards App and built on UnionBank’s API Portal and UnionBank-developed Application Programming Interface. All Transactions in Go Rewards Pay are facilitated and confirmed by UnionBank.

If you are new to Go Rewards Pay and are not an existing GetGo Pay Cardholder, you can purchase a Go Rewards Prepaid Card and register your card via Go Rewards Pay or you can sign up for a Go Rewards Prepaid Virtual to start earning and redeeming points through your everyday transactions in-store or online.

At launch, you can now use the basic functionalities of your Go Rewards Prepaid Virtual and Go Rewards Prepaid Card such as Add Money and Send Money (via Instapay). Exciting features such as, Add Money (via UnionBank), Send Money to other Go Rewards, Convert Currency, Pay Bills and Virtual Card Upgrade will be available soon.


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