Points Conversion and Cebu Pacific Travel Fund

Q: What happened to my GetGo points?

If you have GetGo points earned before January 01, 2020, it will be converted to Cebu Pacific Travel Fund at PHP0.30 per GetGo points. For example, you have earned 100 GetGo, the amount of your Cebu Pacific Travel Fund will be multiplied by PHP0.30 or equivalent to PHP30.00.

If you have earned GetGo points from January 01, 2020 onwards, it will be converted to Go Rewards points at 0.30 Go Rewards per GetGo point. For example, you have 100 GetGo points earned from January 01, 2020 onward, the amount of your Go Rewards points will be multiplied by 0.30 or equivalent to 30 Go Rewards points.


Q: Are my GetGo points devalued when converted to Go Rewards points?

Your GetGo points will not devaluate when the program transitions to Go Rewards. On the contrary, you will be getting better value to your points. If in the past it took at least 10 GetGo points (it was at least 100 GetGo points in 2019) to redeem a piso seat sale (plus fees and taxes), you will now be able to redeem a piso seat sale with just 1 Go Rewards point (plus fees and taxes). We are also happy to clarify that the Go Rewards program unlocks other value for your points as bigger and better benefits will be offered to our members.

  1. You can earn points in more retail partners and enjoy deals in over 2,000 brick-and-mortar stores or through online stores found in the Go Rewards app.
  2. You can redeem points in over 2,000 retail partner locations and will soon allow this redemption with major online partners.
  3. Further, your Go Rewards points will soon be usable for the payment of flight taxes and fees, allowing you to redeem flights without having to add another form of payment for the taxes and fees.
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