How Do I Merge My Cards or Account?

You can have only one Go Rewards account. In case you have multiple Robinsons Rewards or Go Rewards accounts, you may merge them in the Go Rewards app so you can enjoy and manage all your points under one account. Go Rewards reserves the right to consolidate or merge multiple accounts without prior notice.

The card merging feature is only available in the Go Rewards mobile app. If you are already a member, a mobile app user and you want to merge another Go Rewards, Robinsons Rewards or GetGo account, here are the steps:


1. On the Home dashboard, tap the "Merge Cards" icon. 


2. Tap the "Merge card" button to add an account.


3. Select the card to merge, provide the 16-digit (Go Rewards/ Robinsons Rewards) or 10-digit (GetGo) membership number. Review the Terms and Conditions by tapping the link and tick the box beside it if you agree.


4. Then tap the "Confirm" button.

By merging your card/account, you will deactivate the older account with the latest or higher tiered one being the active account. 

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